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Programme and Courses

The Alma Mater Ticinensis Foundation and the University of Pavia have pooled their resources to create the Semester Abroad Program “Pavia, Italy, Europe: a Grand Tour Amidst Culture and Beauty”. It is addressed to foreign undergraduate students who wish to study in Italy while earning credits at their home institutions, and to acquire or improve fluency in Italian. Courses are taught in English.

The Semester Abroad Program offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth experience in Italian language and culture and its European ties. Pavia’s historical status and geographical position place it at the crossroads of Mediterranean culture and its continental counterparts.

The program comprises two components: courses on Italian Culture and Italian Language. These courses are specifically organized for (and reserved to) the Semester Abroad Programme Students.

Students are also free to enrich their own semester by selecting single courses from either the University of Pavia courses taught in Italian or the University of Pavia Master courses taught in English. Credits can be transferred in accordance with home universities.

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2018 Italian Culture Courses

Courses on Italian Culture offer theory supplemented by field studies to provide students with a solid background in Italian culture and history, from architecture and design to music, food and wine.The courses are taught by University of Pavia professors. Students are required to take at least 4 and at most 6 of these courses, depending on each student’s transcript. Field studies are an essential and compulsory part of each course.

Students of the Italian Culture Courses will earn from 12 to 18 credits (3 credits per course). Before each course begins, the University of Pavia Academic Advisor will work with his/her counterpart at the student’s home institution to ensure the transferability of all credits earned abroad. In 2017 theory classes will be given in the following subjects: