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Health insurance

Medical treatment

The Italian health system has been ranked second best in the world by the World Health Organisation, with only the French system ranked higher.

The Lombardy Helthcare System is well known for its high standards and efficiency, with 19 research hospitals-IRCCS and over 200 private and public accredited hospitals, run by the Lombardy Health Service

Pavia boasts three IRCCS (San Matteo, Mondino and Maugeri) where treatment and research go hand-in-hand with patients benefiting from cutting-edge care.

Non-EU citizens are requested to take out private health insurance before leaving their home country and to obtain a consular declaration of validity for Italy. In order to get the Residence Permit, students are required to have a private Health Insurance, covering the period of their stay in Italy.

Once in Pavia non-EU students who do not have such a private health insurance can enrol with the National Health Service, to be assigned to a General Practitioner (Medico di Base).

The subscription to the National Health Service costs about  € 150.